O'Glu ApARTments

Gluten Free on holiday has never been so simple

The O’Glu ApARTments originate from the need to provide comfortable and safe environments for those who want to independently manage their own nutrition. Mainly designed for coeliacs, they are suitable for all types of travelers and especially those who want to combine comfort with safety and attention to their diet. 

This choice allows everyone to enjoy the rich food and wine variety in a country like Italy where culture and tradition are combined with food and culinary art.


Cooking GLUTEN FREE and more: tools and resources.

For people with celiac disease, intolerant and/or allergic.

For those suffering from food intolerances or diseases that require special attention in the kitchen, such as celiac disease, the O’Glu ApARTments offer a range of tools and accessories that are contamination-proof and that facilitate the control of harmful or toxic elements for our body. 
You will also find useful maps with resources where to buy GLUTEN FREE products or eat meals in complete safety, like restaurants, bistros, bar, ice cream shop and so on with a GLUTEN FREE menù.

For vegans and/or vegetarians

In addition to the provision of appropriate tools for different types of cooking and preparation, in O’Glu ApARTments and accommodations you will find maps with useful resources both for purchases and for eating a meal respecting your food choices, with restaurants, bistros, cafes and other places where to find vegetarian menu or vegan menu ..

Tools and equipment

  • Teflon tools (cutting boards and ladles)
  • Steel or non-stick treatment cookware 
  • Steel colander with large holes to allow thorough cleaning
  • Plastic air-tight containers for food use to store food in the refrigerator without risk of contamination
  • Booklet toaster with non-stick treatment on the plates to allow an accurate cleaning.
  • Steel or aluminum cooking tray, with lid, for use in the traditional oven
  • Microwave oven
  • Immersion mixer with removable head to allow a thorough cleaning.

A neighborhood where tradition and street art come together

The Pigneto, which owes its name to a pine forest that characterized the area in past times and of which traces can still be found at every corner, is a former industrial district now retrained by the presence of artists and artisans.

Defined by Pasolini “the crown of thorns that surrounds the city of God” to remember the human suffering and poverty that afflicted the population of the place, as represented in his famous film “The beggar” nowadays it is very well know as a district of good eating and relaxed living, the typical “Roman way of life”.

You will find a varied humanity composed of old inhabitants and newcomers, foreigners and Romans perfectly in harmony in what is now a district full of cultural ferment and vitality, very close to the center, well connected and strategically positioned.

The ApARTments in Pigneto - Rome

The Studio, ready to host up to three people.

The ApARTment ready to host up to four people.