Advices for safe GLUTEN FREE holiday.

Welcome to a real Gluten Free Holiday in Rome, here are some useful hints and tips.
First of all remember that if you find the writing SENZA GLUTINE on a packed piece of food or drink you can safely eat or drink it.

Beware of places like restaurants, wine bar and so on, they are not always aware about cross contamination, so you if you are not sure just ask if they take care about it because it happens they write something like “Senza Glutine” but they just don’t understand that not puttin gluten in a meal is not enough for celiac people.


Whenever you go to a place ALWAYS tell them you have celiac disease and you need a contamination free meal. The “GLUTEN FREE Exclusive” are usually safe, the other places can do mistakes, so please double check (usually they put a flag on the dish or other visibile signal to mark the dish as GLUTEN FREE)